Equilibrée (2020)
Equilibrée is a piece written for solo percussion, performed by Euan Macdonald as part of the Sound Scotland lockdown series, in collaboration with the International Percussion Institute.
Steps (2020) 
Steps was written for the 2020 Plug festival, which regrettably had to be postponed. Many thanks to Darragh Morgan, who still took it upon himself to record the piece. The piece features solo violin, inspired by Scottish traditional music, along with an electronic backing track, created from various processed violin samples.  
Seams (2020) 
Seams, written for solo cello, was composed for the Red Note Ensemble Digital Noisy Nights event in May 2020.
Echoes (2019)
A piece for solo piano, performed by Tiffany Qiu as part of the 2020 Beethoven Project.
Wie Bitte? (HUH?) (2019)
A piece written for double bass, flute and trumpet, performed by the Red Note Ensemble in 2019. 
Du Sagtest, Dass... (2018)
a piece performed by the Scottish Clarinet Quartet, lead by Alex South. 

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