Performed by the Insula Ensemble 
Instruments: - Tenor Sax - 2x Electric guitar (+effects) - Electric BAss (+effects) - 2x Bass Clarinet - Electronics (derived from tape)
Performed by Daniel Pioro
Instruments: Solo Violin, Electronics
Performed by Any Enemy, October 2021 at SOUNDfestival in Aberdeen
Instruments: - Oboe - Flute - Bassoon - Vibraphone - Piano - Violin - Cello - Trumpet 

Performed in April 2021 as part of PLUG festival and written for string ensemble
Instruments: 3 Violins, 3 Violas, 4 Cellos 
Performed by Darlene Zarabozo at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (2021)
Instruments: Any Pitched Instrument
Performed by Euan Macdonald   in collaboration with the International Percussion Institute (2020)
Instruments: Solo Percussion
Performed by Darragh Morgan during Lockdown (2020) for PLUG 2020
Instruments: Solo Violin
Performed by Tiffany Qiu at Stevenson Hall, London  (2019) as part of the Beethoven  Project 
Instruments: Solo Piano

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