Them! There! Eyes? (Bandcamp release)
This is a mastered recording of Sonia's performance in Gothenburg (Sweden) at GAS festival. The picture below was taken at CCA Glasgow during another performance of Them! There! Eyes? on Ukrainian day of independence. Them! There! Eyes? is an ambient audiovisual remix of Ella Fitzgerald's version of the jazz standard and scenes from Fritz Lang's Metropolis. Now available on all streaming platforms. 
Steps (Sequoia Duo)
Steps is a piece written for solo violin and electronics, first performed by Darragh Morgan and subsequently adapted by Alice Rickards from the Sequoia Duo. Steps is inspired by Scottish Traditional folk music and playing techniques and encourages the player to listen and respond to the electronic track through improvisations based on the provided score. 
Peace and Plenty Release from Blackford Hill
A 36-track digital compilation featuring  Failed System Test's Disintegrations C (performed this year live at Sonica 2022)
Highest Hill \ Lowest Valley
Highest Hill \ Lowest Valley was written and recorded in 24h from the 6th-7th of July 2021. The main theme of the album is based on a field recording of the Scottish song Fear a Bhàta, taken at the Orkney Folk Festival in 2019. Sam Irvine and Sonia Killmann decided to live stream their creative process and raised over £600 for AKT charity. On the 28th of January 2022 L.anc (formed of Sam and Sonia) released the album on all streaming platforms. Each song represents a certain time of the night when the duo was writing music against the clock. 
Album artwork: Andrew Herrington 
Special Thanks To Everyone Who Stayed Up With Us 

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