Peace and Plenty Release from Blackford Hill
A 36-track digital compilation featuring  Failed System Test's Disintegrations C (performed this year live at Sonica 2022)
Disintegrations A
Following Disintegrations B, as part of the {unshift} released by Dead Hound Records, Failed System Test released Disintegrations A in February 2022. This ambient piece was recorded as part of preparation for Disintegrations C, a show that was developed for Cryptic's Sonica festival in 2022. Unlike Disintegrations A & B, Disintegrations C is a live audiovisual performance, featuring saxophone, bass and electronics, along with live vocals. 
Highest Hill \ Lowest Valley
Highest Hill \ Lowest Valley was written and recorded in 24h from the 6th-7th of July 2021. The main theme of the album is based on a field recording of the Scottish song Fear a Bhàta, taken at the Orkney Folk Festival in 2019. Sam Irvine and Sonia Killmann decided to live stream their creative process and raised over £600 for AKT charity. On the 28th of January 2022 L.anc (formed of Sam and Sonia) released the album on all streaming platforms. Each song represents a certain time of the night when the duo was writing music against the clock. 
Album artwork: Andrew Herrington 
Special Thanks To Everyone Who Stayed Up With Us 
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