(a collaboration with Laura Fisher)
GOING OUT | GOING IN was conceived and created by Laura Fisher and features original music by Sonia Killmann. The piece "is an audio performance for headphones and a solo journey through an urban landscape. From an audio track downloaded to a smartphone, the performance asks the listener to put on headphones and take a journey through their local area. With gentle, spoken instructions and an original soundtrack of ambient music, the listener is invited to slow down, observe the streets and buildings around them and be guided by their curiosity on a journey through their city or town.
GOING OUT | GOING IN contemplates the built environments we inhabit and the ways they move us." - Laura Fisher
Sounds Of The River
Sounds Of The River was created by Sonia Killmann as part of a listening experience commissioned by Dear Green Bothy that guides the listener around Glasgow's west end. Together with the Sound Thought committee, each member created there own site-specific sound walk, which was then released as part of the 2021 Exploration. Sonia used recordings of the Kelvin River to create a deep listening experience that would guide the listener along and into the Kelvin. 

Sonia Killmann's Ice Sample pack features field recordings of ice cracking and melting, which have been edited and processed to be used by other composers and producers in their works. This sample pack is available for purchase on Bandcamp.

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