Read Only Memory (2022)

Rubicon Dance Company - Choreographed by Jamiel Laurence - Design by Rhiannon Matthews - Composer Sonia Killmann
Premiere in Newport in September 2022.
In the far future, new technologies may allow us to experience our memories past from a new perspective and projected before us. “Read-Only Memory” explores how a dystopian society might find a use for this technology as a form of punishment – forcing those of us who do not conform into reliving their most painful memories.
Bringing Sci-Fi to the stage, Jamiel Laurence’s new work draws inspiration from the “DUNE” novels by author Frank Herbert. The work will feature exciting new designs by Rhiannon Matthews and be accompanied by a newly commissioned composition from Scotland-based composer Sonia Killmann.
Bamboozled - Fringe Show (2022)
Bamboozled is a show developed by Sonia Killmann (live saxophone and electronics) and Constant Vigier (choreography and dance). The show is about two house mates who throw a party, but no guests show up. It  explores human emotions that come with the fear of rejection, as well as the relationship between the two characters throughout the night. Bamboozled blurs the lines of reality using mesmerising visuals created by Constant Vigier and immersive ambient music and beats cerated by Sonia Killmann. Tickets and details here.
In 2022 Sonia Killmann was commissioned to write music for dancer and choreographer Constant Vigier for BBC Dance Passion. The music consists of organic and sometimes unexpected electronic sounds The two artists then went on to write the Fringe show "Bamboozled" together, which was performed at the French Institute in Edinburgh in August 2022.
Collective Stasis (2020)
An award winning film by Jamiel Laurence (Scottish Ballet), featuring my piece Glasstuck.
16:1 (2020)
A Choreography by Constant Vigier (Scottish Ballet), featuring one of my Max/MSP  improvisations

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