AD ASTRA - Annabelle Playe

Picture taken during the Ad Astra performance 

Picture by Neil Jarvie

At Sonica 2022, Sonia cerated and performed live reactive visuals alongside the French noise music artist Annabelle Playe. The visuals were created from 1-minute video clips taken at Cove Park during a residency in 2021. These video clips create the foundation of imagery, while coded visuals and animated lines dance around on screen, eating to Annabelle's wonderful music. The collaboration took place thanks to Cryptic, who commissioned Sonia to create the visuals for Annabelle. 
On the 19th of March 2022, Sonia cerated live reactive visuals for the BBC Radio 3 After Dark Festival 
Them! There! Eyes?​​​​​​​
Them! There! Eyes?: Showcased on February 11th as part of Cryptic Glasgow's Sonic Bites. Available now on the Sonic Bites website. (2021) Latest performance: 21st of October 2022 at GAS Festival in Gothenburg.
Them! There! Eyes? is a live audiovisual show that was first performed at Construction Fest in Dnipro (Ukraine) as part of a collaboration with Cryptic's Sonica and the Dnipro Cultural Centre. The performance took place at the Palace of Children and Youth. For touring enquiries, please contact Claire Moran on

"Be enveloped in a relaxed atmosphere with a setlist of contemporary classical music performed by RNS and led by Principal Conductor Dinis Sousa. In turns minimalist and hypnotic, pulsating and meditative, with atmospheric visuals and lighting… this is an evening that will transform how you experience our sound."
On the 13th of November 2021, the Royal Northern Sinfonia  performed at Sage Gateshead, featuring visuals by Sonia Killmann. These visuals feature a mixture of  colourful animated material and grainy videos taken on the Isle of North Uist in Scotland. Each piece was matched with its own visual material, which played an important role in the immersive experience. 
On the 19th of March 2022, Sonia cerated live reactive visuals for the BBC Radio 3 After Dark Festival, which also took place at Sages Gateshead. The visuals responded to the Royal Northern Sinfonia playing 3 contemporary classical pieces, including Gavin Bryars' "Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet". The visuals consisted of coded animations and lines, along with videos taken in an old hotel in Dnipro (Ukraine). The shapes, colours and brightness of the imagery was responsive to the music of the orchestra, while Sonia added a live performance element to it, by reacting to the ambience in the room and music in real time. 
BBC After Dark Festival 

Picture of Royal Norther Sinfonia performing Missy Mazzoli's Dark with Excessive Bright, for solo double bass and strings.

Pictures by  Thomas Jackson at TyneSight Photographic (@tynesightphoto)
Cycling: An audiovisual piece recorded during lockdown, featuring bicycle and motorway sounds. (2020)
Mineral Snowflakes: An audiovisual piece created in collaboration with Dominic Samra, representing the formation of clouds on a Jupiter like exo-planet through sound. (2020)
Sonia is currently also working on visual works with musicians such as Auclair and Annabelle Playe for Sonica 2022. 

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