This page showcases various images and sounds I have already been exploring with this project in mind. These are part of the early stages of my research.
Example of  electromagnetic recordings mixed with an improvisation that I recorded on tape. 
More visuals experimenting with light... 
Layered AI videos in Resolute Arena 

Experimentation: merging AI emery with Resolume Arena 

Experimentation: Merging AI Imagery with Hydra 

Examples of my live saxophone and electronics performance (of which I wish to build on for this project)
Below is a rough sketch in MadMapper, where I  have mapped projections on the side walls, floor and back of a hypothetical space. The image silhouettes are trees, which contain moving AI animations of cities and night skies (an examples of early research stages). The trees are likely not going to be used for the final project, but this image serves as an illustration of projections on the floor and side of a 'stage'.
Example of household lamps and their different shapes and sizes for potential projection mapping

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