Them! There! Eyes?
Them! There! Eyes?: Showcased on February 11th as part of Cryptic Glasgow's Sonic Bites. Available now on the Sonic Bites website. (2021)
Sonia performed a live version of Them! There! Eyes? at Construction Fest in Dnipro (Ukraine) as part of a collaboration with Cryptic's Sonica and the Dnipro Cultural Centre. The performance took place at the Palace of Children and Youth. Enquiries about audiovisual live performances are available via the Contact page.
Cycling: An audiovisual piece recorded during lockdown, featuring bicycle and motorway sounds. (2020)
Mineral Snowflakes: An audiovisual piece created in collaboration with Dominic Samra, representing the formation of clouds on a Jupiter like exo-planet through sound. (2020)

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